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 Tactile Therapy Experience:
Maximum 30 Participants
$250 for 1 hour (Indoor)
$80 for extra 30 minutes
One trained zoo staff member

This package is perfect for a single classroom. Animals provide a unique and exciting tactile experience from the knobby, hard tortoise to the spiky hedgehog, and the silky guinea pigs to the fluffy bunnies, and that's before we get to the birds! 


What to Expect:

Staff will give a 20 minute presentation on the different animals and interesting facts about them. Participants will sit on stools inside the zoo area, and each person will get to hold an animal on a mat that we provide for their lap.  Each person gets two 4-minute sessions inside the zoo.

The Animals We Bring:

2 Guinea pigs, Corronets ( long haired)

2 Rabbits, Angoras, Lops and Dwarfs

2 Quail, Coturnix

2 miniature chickens, Silkies or Cochins

2 Hedgehogs

1 Tortoise

The Equipment We Bring:

Fencing (4 feet high)

 Rug to protect the floor

Stools (6) for participants to sit on

Mats to set the animals on participants' laps

Hand sanitizer and wipes

 Therapy Package

Same as Tactile Experience
Four zoos, one per quarter
$850 (Savings of $150)
Each zoo is 1 hour long
Full payment required at time of booking

This package allows schools/clinics the flexibility to rotate participating classes throughout the year. See above (Tactile Experience) for details about what we bring.

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