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Farm Yard Rental
Maximum 30 Guests
$700 (2 hours) outdoors 


Enjoy a sweet time with family or friends on our farm. In our farm garden is an open area with large trees, picnic tables, a round swing, and access to bathroom facilities.  A small petting zoo is included with two of our trained staff. This package is customizable to your taste. See below for options that can be added.


The Zoo:
4 miniature baby goats, Nigerian Dwarfs
2 rabbits, Angoras, Lops and Dwarfs
2 miniature pigs, or 1 older pigs Kune Kunes
2 ducks, various breeds
2 miniature chickens, Silkies
1 lamb (Seasonal)
Also Provided:
Feed for the animals
Bottles for bottle baby goats (if required)
Signs with animal information and breed facts
Hand sanitizer and wipes


Custom options:
Small tactile zoo with learning presentation

$100 for 1 hour

Includes guinea pigs, tortoise, hedgehogs, quail

Goat Milking Demonstration

$40 for 30 minutes

Kids can try milking a goat!

Small Farm Tour

$ 75 for 20-30 min tour

Full Catering

Invitations, Decorations, Food

Cost Varies

 *Call for details*
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