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500 participants or more
$1,000 plus tax (4 hours) outdoors
Three trained zoo staff members

This package is great for community-wide events, large festivals, or large school events. Because animals tend to get sleepy after two hours, we bring two groups of animals and give the first set a break after two hours. The animals are more energetic and ready to play with the right food and rest.

The Animals We Bring:

6 miniature goats, Nigerian Dwarfs

3-4 rabbits, Angoras, Lops and Dwarfs

4 miniature pigs or 2 older pigs, Kune Kunes

3 ducks, various breeds

3 miniature chickens, Silkies

1 lamb (if available)


The Equipment We Supply:

Feed for the animals

Bottles for bottle baby goats (if required)

Signs with animal information and breed facts

Fencing (4 feet tall with partitions)

10x10 tent

Hand sanitizer and wipes

**For this event, we need a 10-15 foot, grassy, shaded area.**

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